About Us


Once we are in full operation, Pawfect Nation will serve all the areas in Kwazulu Natal where animals desperately need rescuing from communities, the public and criminals that exploit and abuse animals in cruel ways (dog fighting, dog racing, etc). By working toward our goal of building a modern sanctuary through corporate/public/private funding, and by employing innovative policies to improve responsible pet care, decrease birthrates, increase adoption rates by encouraging people to adopt animals from fellow pro-life shelters instead of buying from breeders, and to help to keep animals with caring, responsible guardians we believe that Pawfect Nation's animal sanctuary will set a benchmark for other shelters to follow. Pawfect Nation aspires to be the ideal animal sanctuary model and wishes to inspire the rest of the nation to adopt our unique 'no cages, no chains' pro-life approach and philosophy. 

Executive Summary

Pawfect Nation (PN) abides by a 100% pro-life policy and will not put down any healthy animals; including disabled or differently-abled animals. Only animals that are visibly suffering or cannot be saved by medical intervention will be considered for humane euthanasia.

Pawfect Nation also abides by a 100% ‘no cages, no chains’ policy. Animals are innocent victims whose only crime was to be born into an unfeeling, cruel world. They are not prisoners and shall not be treated like convicted criminals; either chained up and/or behind bars.

Education to communities on early sterilisation, mandatory first year vaccinations (including booster vaccines) and proper pet care will reveal the advantages of responsible pet guardianship.

Education to communities about caring for the environment and the importance of preserving our urban wildlife (vervets) and bird species.

Our mission - to prevent cruelty to animals, to investigate animal abuse/cruelty cases that are reported, to instill values of empathy, kindness and respect within communities so that innocent animals will not be subjected to abhorrent abuse and cruelty.

Our end vision - for communities to develop caring, mutually bonding relationships with their pets and feel compassion toward all other animals, as well as to take a more pro-active role in protecting and preserving the environment and urban wildlife we have the privilege of sharing our space with.

Pawfect Nation will be the first shelter and sanctuary of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Pawfect Nation will set the benchmark for how future shelters should be designed and managed.

A documentary is in the making and a potential follow up Reality TV or online series could be in the pipeline to continue generating publicity for PN's direct action arm - ANIMAL RAID.

Once in full operation Pawfect Nation will create jobs for people that are dedicated to, and passionate about abiding by best animal welfare practices and standards.

There are two core focus areas for Pawfect Nation:

1. Animal Care & Welfare (Implement our E3 Plan, exclusive to PN)

2. Conservation & Environmental Awareness Education