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LASS (Lulu’s Animal Shelter & Sanctuary)

Pawfect Nation’s Shelter and Sanctuary Design for LASS

LASS is dedicated to the memory of the Founder’s departed cat, Lulu, who passed away at only 23 months of age in July 2003 to the fatal FIP disease. LASS will predominantly be a sanctuary because the majority of rescued animals will become permanent residents and will include abandoned, severely abused, sickly, elderly, disabled or differently-abled animals. Displaced animals, or animals requiring temporary foster care (conditionally handed in by other pro-life rescues through a pre-arrangement with Pawfect Nation) will be accommodated temporarily until they are placed in permanent homes by those respective rescues. Pawfect Nation’s primary rescues will entail saving stray and feral street populations, with the more risky animal rescues involving following up on leads about dog fighting syndicates, dog racing syndicates, unscrupulous puppy and kitten mill breeders, and rescuing/removing animal victims from domestic violence situations in urban, township and rural areas.

Pawfect Nation abides by a 'no cages, no chains' philosophy so there will be no cages whereby animals will be kept 'behind bars'. The intention is to create as homely and cozy an environment as possible for our sanctuary residents, as well as our temporarily accommodated animals. Unlike other shelters where animals are kept in isolation, Pawfect Nation's animals will be assessed and the even-tempered dogs will be placed in small social dog packs of three, while rescued street cats will remain in the same colonies they were rescued with. Because pit bulls are the breed that are primarily rescued from dog fighting syndicates, they will require extensive rehabilitation and behaviour training; so this breed will be housed in single animal pens, separate from other animals. Other dog breeds that are also rescued from traumatic situations will be kept separate from other animals as well during their rehabilitation and recovery period. All our resident animals, as well as our temporary foster or displaced animals will have 24 hour access to a personal outdoor play area, which is included in their pens/runs in addition to their spacious sleeping areas. None of the animals’ sleeping areas will sport cold concrete floors either - they will have wooden floors or tiles so the animals can keep cool in the summers and warm in the winters. Comfortable doggy or kitty beds will be put in all the pens and our rescues will enjoy peaceful, calm surroundings. All our rescued animals will likely have suffered a lifetime of abuse and cruelty, but once they come to the sanctuary they will never know or experience abuse, cruelty or fear again in their lifetimes.

The long term 5-10 year plan is to expand Pawfect Nation to accommodate an equestrian and mule sanctuary, as well as a farm animal sanctuary. These animals will be over-worked animals, or cast offs and abused victims who also deserve a new lease on life. In addition, the Founder plans to introduce the concept of therapy animals. Horses and dogs are the two primary animals that are most receptive to being therapy animals, but any animal can be a therapy animal. Animals that have come from abusive pasts and who rehabilitate and heal successfully under our care we will be trained as therapy animals to bring comfort to human victims of violence and abuse. Animals have a very therapeutic effect and the introduction of therapy animals to assist human abuse victims heal will be cathartic for both animal and human. This is our way of giving back to the community by offering comfort and hope to human victims. No earthling, whether it is a child, a woman, a man, or an animal deserves to suffer through cruelty or neglect.