Pawfect Nation hopes to secure a large plot of land to set up an animal sanctuary. Under Pawfect Nation’s umbrella there will be several initiatives that will be phased in.

The first phase consists of Pawfect Nation’s two cornerstone initiatives:

  • LASS (Lulu’s Animal Shelter and Sanctuary) - A unique 'no cages, no chains' pro-life/pro-quality of life animal shelter and sanctuary.
  • PNH (Pawfect Nation Hospital) - Establish a 24 hour in-house Animal Hospital as well as run an ongoing sterilisation outreach programme (including a mandatory initial vaccination programme) that is primarily targeted for animals in townships and rural areas. Drastically discounted rates (or free services, dependent on the circumstances) will be offered to lower socio-economic groups, with free weekly services (via a mobiclinic) offered to animals in townships and rural areas.

The second phase consists of four income generating projects:

  • P3 (Pawsitively Pampered Pets) - A fully equipped boarding facility to house pets who require temporary accommodation (income generating).
  • ACES (Animal Custodians Educating Society) - An ongoing educational programme incorporating the E3 Plan (income generating).
  • VV Delights (Veggie-Vegan Delights) - A vegetarian and vegan themed restaurant offering snacks and light meals (income generating).
  • Proudly Pawfect - In-house sales of own brand products (ANIMAL RAID and Pawfect Nation mugs, caps, clothing, accessories, school gear, blankets etc.) (income generating).

PN's Long-Term Plans
Phase Three

In the long term PN plans to expand its animal family to accommodate an equestrian and mule sanctuary, as well as a farm animal sanctuary. In addition to this expansion PN will also construct a specialised in-house rehabilitation centre and introduce the concept of therapy animals.

The introduction of rehabilitated therapy animals that assist human victims to heal from troubled pasts will be cathartic for both animal and human. This will also be our way of giving back to the community by offering comfort and hope to human victims of abuse, trauma and violent pasts.

Pawfect Nation's ANIMAL RAID Team

ANIMAL RAID is the direct action arm of Pawfect Nation (PN). ANIMAL RAID is made up of a professional task force of reaction officers with SWAT and military backgrounds. This team of highly skilled volunteers have committed to the task of tackling animal abuse one crime at a time.

ANIMAL RAID members are Ambassadors for animals and this team will soon be making waves as they take on cruel abusers one at a time while tactically combating animal crimes in a systematic manner. ANIMAL RAID is South Africa's answer to Rescue Ink. Help has arrived - now it is up to YOU to tell us where that help is most needed. Together we can make a difference and help to alleviate many animals' suffering by working as one.

ANIMAL RAID's mission is to make KZN a cruelty-free zone for animals. If this leg succeeds the concept of ANIMAL RAID will be introduced across the country.